7 Best Types of Logo Design

A logo defines your company brand and symbolises what you stand for

A logo defines your company brand and symbolises what you stand for. They look simple enough to design, but which type of logo would actually be best for your startup or established business

This is often the first thing customers think about when it comes to your brand, and will be on everything from products, packaging, sales or marketing materials, website, presentations etc. When designing a logo, consider whether it will be readable on your chosen material or place, it might look great on the website but bad on leaflets and product packaging. 

Be willing to invest time and money in creating a good logo as its so important. If you’re on a cheap budget, you can hire good designers from websites like FiverrFreelancer, or PeoplePerHour to save costs instead of hiring a company. 

There are 7 different types of logo designs you can use for your website, see our infographic to decide which is be best for your brand, then see how you can setup a unique and memorable brand.

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Amin Bilal is a business consultant, founder of, and content creator. He specialises in advising SMEs and large multinational corporations solve finance, operational, and technological problems.

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